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   Chicken and Stuffing Bread
   Russian Black Bread #10
   Lg. Dill Bread
   Moroccan Beef Kefta on Skewers with Chopped Vegetable Sal
   Braised Trout with Green Sauce
   Herb Crusted Trout with Garlic Chili Spinach
   Sauteed Open Faced Trout
   Chilled Trout
   Pan-Fried Brook Trout
   Black Bean-Goat Cheese Enchiladas (With Mango Relish)
   Cranberry-Apricot Relish
   Oignons Confiture (Red Onion Relish)
   Cranberry-Mango Relish
   Gabbriela's Cranberry Relish
   Green Pepper Relish
   Molded Cranberry Relish #3
   Pineapple Relish
   Spiced Cranberry Relish
   Spiced Cranberry Relish 2
   Greens and Garlic
   Dandelion Wine W/ Oranges and Lemons
   Lazy-Day Cranberry Relish
   Orange\lemon Jelly
   Rowan Jelly
   Jalapeno Apricot Jelly
   Wine Jelly Sans Gelatin
   Mulberry Jelly
   Herb Jelly
   Mulled Port Wine Jelly
   Rosemary Oil - How To Make an Herbed Oil
   Walnut Oil Vinaigrette
   Cilantro Oil
   Fresh Herbed Oil Paste
   Asparagus Vinaigrette with Sieved Egg & Pickled Pink Onio
   Pickled Asparagus #2
   Pickled Asparagus #3
   Pickled Asparagus #1
   Tumeric Pickles
   Berry Flavored Vinegar
   Pineapple Vinegar
   Spicy Buckwheat Noodles and Pork in Broth
   Pawpaw Bread
   Tony Roma's Blue Ridge Smokies Sauce
   Duck over Charcoal
   Roast Goose W/cognac Sauce
   Quick Duck Rellenos Hunter
   Dried-Fruit Couscous
   Pomegranate-Glazed Duckling on Dried-Fruit Couscous
   Stuffed Duck Neck with Apples, Grapes and Fennel Sausage
   Duck Breast over Greens (Mf)