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Category: ISRAEL

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   Chicken a la Sabra
   Avocado and Pomegranate Salad
   Cheese Filled Baked Figs
   Cherry Tomatoes on a Feta Bed
   Honey Cake Ice Cream
   Israeli Grilled Chicken - IJC
   Aash Rechte (Winter Noodle Soup)
   Abe Gusht Gondhi Nochodi (Veal & Chick-Pea Du
   Adas Polo (Lentil Pilau)
   Adasee (Lentil Stew)
   Adjapsandali (Mixed Vegetable Saute)
   Advieh (Persian Spice Mixture)
   Ajin (Bread Dough)
   Albaloo Polo (Cherry Pilau with Chicken)
   Armiko (Lamb Innards for Passover)
   Baademjan Torshi (Eggplant Pickle)
   Bamia (Baked Okra with Lemon)
   Bamia (Meatball & Okra Saute in Tomato Sauce)
   Bamya (Okra with Sauce)
   Batata Bel Lamoun (Golden Potato Soup)
   Beets in Spiced Brine
   Beets in Walnut Sauce
   Beidh B'laham (Eggs & Meat Patties)
   Berenjeno Relleno Con Queso (Stuffed Eggplant
   Bichak (Stuffed Baked Tricorners)
   Biya Vashlee Tolma (Stuffed Apples & Quinces)
   Boranee (Spinach & Egg Fry)
   Boranee Ba Mast (Spinach & Yoghurt Salad)
   Bulemas (Spinach Rolls in Fillo)
   Cabezas De Opyo (Chicken with Celeriac)
   Chakapuli (Lamb & Plums in Herb Sauce)
   Charkhali (Beet & Coriander Pickle)
   Charouf Bil Pisselli O Chedra (Lamb with Kish
   Chelo (Basic Persian Rice)
   Chelo Nachodo (Chicken & Chick-Pea Stew with
   Cholo Chamad (Sweet & Sour Beet Soup)
   Chouia (Meat Soup)
   Chufletikos (Leek Rolls)
   Codrerio Con Fava (Lamb & Fresh Fava Beans)
   Deezee (Meat Roast in a Clay Pot)
   Dhazmaruli Badrijani (Baby Eggplant Pickle)
   Dolme (Stuffed Vegetables with Pomegranate)
   Dolme (Stuffed Vegetables, Persian Style)
   Dolme Kadoo (Stuffed Pumpkin)
   Dolme Kadoo Halvoee (Stuffed Pumpkin for Sabb
   Domates Ke Pipriya (Meat Stuffed Peppers)
   Domates Yenas De Kezo (Cheese-Stuffed Tomatoe
   Fajones (Beef & White Bean Stew)
   Fasolada (White Bean Soup)
   Fassoulia Beda (White Bean Stew)