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Category: KOSHER

   Sabra Crepes
   Passover Bagel
   Passover Mandlen
   Passover Beet Preserves
   Passover Brownies
   Passover Cheese Blintzes
   Passover Cream Puffs
   Passover Glazed Chicken with Matzo-Nut Stuffi
   Passover Jelly Roll
   Passover Meat Blintzes
   Passover Pain Perdu
   Passover Taiglach
   Mixed Vegetable Quiche
   Eggs Bene-Lox
   Matzo Cheese Kugel
   Classic Borekas
   Chicken Everest (Kosher Indian)
   Mahmoosa (Kosher Indian)
   Murgh Tikka (Skewered Barbecued Chicken)
   Qabargah or Kamargah (Lamb Chops in Spicy Bat
   Nga Tha Lauk Paung, Soused Fish
   Ngan Pya Ye Chet, Fish Sauce Saute
   Panthe Kaukswe, Chicken Curry With Noodles
   Haio Kyaw Kyet,mushrooms Fried With Chicken
   Kyazangyi Kaukswe, Large Rice Noodles With Curry
   Nga Baung Doke (1),fish Steamed Leaves
   Kaukswe Kyaw,mixed Fried Noodles
   Tha Hnat,cucumber Pickle
   Beya Kyaw,split Pea Fritters
   Thanatsone,mixed Vegetable Salad
   Moh Hin Gha,rice Vermicelli With Fish Soup
   Hin Cho,mild Soup
   Hen Cho,strong Soup
   Chin Hin,sour Soup
   Moh Loung Ye Baw,teething Cake
   Moh Let Saung,iced Coconut Milk With Sago
   Gin Thoke,ginger Mix
   Baklava (Kosher Indian)
   Doughnuts (Sufganiyot)
   Sago Pudding