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Category: LEFTOVER

   Lattice-Topped Turkey Pie
   Spicy Island Chicken
   Fiesta Turkey with Cream Sauce
   Tastee Chili
   Old-Fashioned Hash
   Countdown Casserole
   Chicken & Stuffing Bread
   Three Cheese Chicken Bake
   Spaghetti Pancake
   Turkey Puff
   Turkey Empanadas
   Tuna/chicken/turkey Casserole
   Turkey "Crab" Cakes
   Turkey Dijon Sandwidh
   Turkey Leftover Soup
   Chicken, Rice, and Broccoli Casserole
   Hearty Turkey Bake
   Lattice Top Turkey
   Hearty Turkey Bake #1
   Turkey Chili Casserole
   Turkey, Bean, & Rice Skillet
   Spaghetti Southern Style
   Souper Leftovers
   Curried Turkey Salad
   Turkey Spaghetti
   Potato-Meat Patties
   Chester Squares