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Category: LOWCAL

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   Herbed Steak & Onions
   Spicy Cheese-Stuffed Shells
   Stuffed Polenta with Meat Sauce
   Baklava (Low Fat Low Cal Version)
   Basil Bean Salad
   Greek Christmas Bread
   Bagel Thins, Lo Cal, Lo Salt
   Tomato Brushetta, Lo Cal
   Caribbean Fruit Shake
   Chocolate Instant Breakfast
   Coffee Yogurt Shake
   Fresh Tomato Juice
   Sparkling Fall Harvest Punch
   Strawberry Apple Frost
   Swiss Mocha Mix
   Chocolate Brownies, Low Cal
   Heavenly Dessert Cheesecake
   Topping, Low Fat Whipped
   No Sugar Apple Pie
   Golden Apricot Ginger Cake (Low Fat)
   Cathy's Baked Chicken
   Coq Au Vin
   Curried Chicken
   Tomato Bruschetta, Lo Cal
   WW Cinnamon Rolls
   Tidal Wave Cocoa Almond Mousse
   Puffy Baked Fondue
   Citrus-Wine Chicken
   Basil, Potato and Egg Salad
   Chilled Pear Soup
   Spicy Ginger Sauce (For Noodles)
   Vegetable Gumbo
   Super Easy Low Calorie Salad Dressing
   Cherry Cranberry Dessert Squares
   Apple Pear Cake
   Steak Rancheros
   Apple Crisp #2
   Holiday Delight Cheesecake (Lo-Fat)
   Herb Yogurt Cheese
   Brown Rice Pilaf
   Cornbread Stuffing W/apples and Golden Raisins
   Curried Garbanzo Beans and Potatoes
   Eyeballs and Worms
   Herbed Lamb with Apples
   Linguini with Arugula, Golden Garlic & Red Bell Pepper
   Low-Fat Chimichangas
   Low-Fat Devil's Chocolate Fudge Cake
   Oatmeal with Fruit and Nuts
   Perfect Pie Crust (Lf)
   Wild Rice and Bulgar Pilaf