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Category: MAPLE

   When the Sap Begins To Stir
   Creamy Maple Syrup Pie
   Maple Chiffon Pie
   Jambon De la Cabane a Sucre
   Les Toquettes (Sugar on Snow)
   Frosted Maple Gingerbread
   Maple Cloud Cake
   Maple Shortcake
   Maple Syrup Brown Bread
   Sugar Pie
   Maple Tourlouche
   Pain Au Sucre (Sugar House Maple Toast)
   Sucre a la Creme
   Maple Frango
   French Canadian Custard
   Butter Icing From Upstate Ny
   Cornflake Cookies - 2
   Down East Cracker Pie
   Maple and Orange Pancake Sauce - Sb
   Maple Baked Apples
   Maple Cream - Sb
   Maple Syrup Cake
   Maple Syrup Cookies
   Maple Taffy Apples