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Category: MEDIEVAL

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   Carrots and Grapes Vermouth
   Herbed Green Beans
   Introduction To Medieval Recipes
   Chicken in a Pungent Sauce--1475
   Chicken in a Pungent Sauce--Modern Version
   A Squid Dish for Days of Abstinence
   Fish Pie, Modern Version of Squid Dish
   Whole Baked Salmon W/ Spinach Stuffing (Scottish Elizab
   Medieval Baked Stuffed Fish
   Griddled Trout with Herbs
   Panckoecken (Medieval Dutch Pancakes)
   Manchet Bread England, 14th Century
   Saffron Bread England, 15th Century
   Red and White Gingerbread (Scottish Medieval)
   Jumbles or Knot Biscuits (Scottish Elizabethan)
   Amondyn Eyroun - Almond Omelette Medieval
   Banbury Cakes
   Gilded Marchpane (Scottish Elizabethan)
   Playce Ysod - Poached Plaice with Mustard Sauce Medieval
   Fish Marinade - England, 1378
   Tart of Pickled Fish - England, 1378
   Poached Partridges England, 15th Century
   Brie Cheese with Honey and Mustard Medieva
   Beef Tremblant - England, 1747
   Beef Steaks England, 15th Century
   Stewed Beef England, 15th Century
   A Roste (Beef Roast with Crisps)
   Jugged Hare (Rabbit) England, 1783
   Spiced Fish England, 1378
   Braised Fish England, 15th Century
   Luce Wafers - a Delicate Fish Cake Medieval
   Mawmenye - Lentils and Lamb Medieva
   Caudele Almaunde - a Nut Dish Served As A Vegetable (Dres
   Onion Soup with Almonds England, 15th Century
   Split Pea Soup with Beans and Onions 15th Century
   Leekes - Leeks with Walnuts Medieva
   Cobages - Cabbage and Almond Soup Medieva
   White Bean Soup - England, 14th Century
   Eggs in Pastry Cases - England, 14th Century
   Brie Tart England, 1378
   "Departed" Creamed Fish
   A Roste - Beef Roast with Crisps Medieva
   Spiced Mussel and Leek Broth (Medieval Scottish)
   Pike in Galentyne
   Haddock in Tasty Sauce
   'roasted' Salmon with Wine Sauce
   Small Birds in a Pie England, 1378
   To Boil Pheasants, Partridges, Capons, and Curlews
   Chicken and Almond Mould England, 1378
   Cabbage Chowder