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Category: MIDWEST

   Sassafras Jelly
   Asparagus Soup (Indiana)
   Paw Paw Pie
   Indiana Sugar Cream Pie
   Old-Fashioned Pork Cake
   Barnes Family Mincemeat
   Stuffed Morels
   Bourbon Pecan Cake
   Apple Filled Cookies
   When the Frost Is on The Punkin
   Pawpaw Ice Cream
   Black Walnut Bars
   Krot (Pork Rind) Cookies
   Potato Sausage (Potet Polsa)
   Juletide Cranberry Bread
   One Bowl Applesauce Cake
   Apple Dapple
   Apple Walnut Cobbler
   Persimmon Fudge
   Jumbo Apple Dumplings
   Lemon-Cream Dessert Cake