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Category: MISC

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   Barbequed Raccoon
   Berks County Potato Dumplings
   Cornmeal Mush
   Dumplings #1
   Dumplings #2
   Fried Mush
   Microwave Finger Paint
   Microwave Playdough
   Microwave Children's Clay
   Domatoules Glyko (Spicy Cherry Tomato Preserves)
   Chocolate Cake Mix
   Preserved Ginger
   Austrian Egg Cake (Eierkuchen)
   Chevre Crackers
   Easter Egg Decorating Ideas
   Eggsquisite Easter Baskets
   Natural Egg Easter Dyes
   Lemon Herb Butter
   Cottage Cheese Relish
   Tomato Gravy
   Crystallized Flowers or Mint
   Duck and Apricot Salad
   Duck with Pecans
   Main Course Soup of Duck, Beetroot and Ceps
   Pheasant Soup with Fresh Peaches and Sherry
   Ladyfinger Dessert
   % Flour Tortillas (Tht)
   Coffee House Chocolate Spoons
   T.g.i. Friday's Jack Daniels Grill Glaze
   Lemon Curd 8
   Yoo Hoo
   Steak & Ale Marinade
   Counterfeit Caviar
   Wendy's Chili Seasoning
   Fake Reeses Pieces
   Dog Cookies - Breadmaker
   Jeff Davis Punch
   Irish Rickey
   Parmesan Croutons 1
   Irish Potato Candy
   Luck of the Irish Truffles
   Irish Cream Chocolates
   Irish Creme Fudge (Microwave)
   Candy Mice.
   Meat & Poultry Seasoning
   Olive Oil with Lemon and Bay Leaf
   Cran-Raspberry Relish
   Flavored Butters
   Pumpkin-Pie Spice
   Seafood Spice