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Category: MUSHROOM

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   Mushrooms in Cream Sauce
   Pork and Shrimp (Chow Gee Yok Har)
   Roast Pork and Mushrooms (Char Shu Moo Goo)
   Chinese: Mushroom Foo Yung
   Chinese: Stir-Fry Pork & Peppers
   Angel Hair Pasta with Whipped Cream and Porcini
   Cream of Broccoli Soup with Cheese
   Entlebuch Woodland Slices (Luzern)
   Mushroom Sauce - Adventures in Microwave
   All Day Chicken
   Herbed Asparaugs with Shiitakes & Parmesan
   Beef Roast with Mushrooms
   Asparagus with Mushrooms & Fresh Coriander
   Broccoli & Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce
   Mushroom "Stuff"
   Snow Peas with Mushrooms
   Mushrooms Stuffed with Walnuts
   Balsamic Mushrooms
   Baked Eggs with Mushrooms and Potatoes
   Fish in Foil
   The Mushroom Industry
   The Mushroom Industry Pt 2
   Braised Turkey Legs (Pressure Cooker)
   Fettuccine with Shiitake Sauce and Chicken
   Roasted Veggie Bread Pudding
   Ham-Filled Mushroom Caps
   Anja's Mushroom and Turkey Loaf - First Attempt
   Easy Stroganoff
   Easy Chicken and Rice Casserole
   Beef Bourguignonne 2
   Pizza Subs
   Quick Stovetop Supper
   Reduced Fat Fettuccine Alfredo W/ Ham and Peas
   Updated Beef Stroganoff
   Savory Fresh Mushrooms - Sl 11/85
   Meat and Potato Pie
   Rice and Beef Casserole
   Green Bean Casserole #2
   Escalloped Carrots
   Lunch Pack (Vegan)
   Vegetable Casserole #2
   Chicken Rice Skillet
   Chicken Broccoli Parmesan
   Beef and Vegetables over Noodles
   Flavorful Beans with Mushrooms
   Mushroom and Onion Spaghetti
   Mushroom Pepper Saute
   No-Mix Meat Loaf (Makes Its Own Gravy) *** (G
   Vegetable Millet Delight