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Category: NATIVE

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   Chippewa Bannock
   Melvin Larocque's Bannock V2.0
   Melvin Larocque's Bannock
   How To Make Coltsfoot Salt
   How To Make/use Wintergreen
   How To Make Indian Vinegar
   Sweetbay As a Spice
   Bush Spice
   How To Prepare Wild Ginger
   Zuni Indian Bread
   Cedar Planked Salmon - Stonehouse Restaurant, Montecito C
   Native American Rabbit Hot Pot Casserole
   Cherokee Pepper Pot Soup (Ai)
   Bill's Venison or Buffalo Roast
   Maple Sugar Smoking Rub
   Wampus Bread (Fry Bread)
   Navajo Fry Bread 1
   Navajo Fry Bread 2
   Navajo Fry Bread 3
   Seminole Indian Fry Bread
   Indian Pudding (Aha)
   Nantucket Indian Pudding
   Delicate Indian Pudding > Cousin H. Ridout
   Good For You Cornbread Stuffing
   Good For You Pumpkin Muffins
   Wild Raspberry Cake
   Andrew Fielke's Quandong Pie with Maggie's Sour-Cream Pas
   Fried Venison Steaks (Ai)
   Eskimo Smoked Salmon
   Indian Baked Raccoon (Ai)
   Pan Fried Bear Steak
   Seminole Roast Rabbit
   Seminole Squirrel Stew
   Cherokee Red & Green Mixit
   Fresh Chile & Corn Fritters W/julienne of Tar
   Frybread 3
   Indian Corn Sticks
   Indian Hominy
   Navajo Kneel-Down Bread
   Pawnee Baked Sweet Potatoes
   Pinon & Blue Cornmeal Hotcakes with Prickly P
   Prickly Pear Syrup
   Watermelon Juice
   Three Sisters Story
   Pinole and Champurrado
   Batter-Fried Squash Blossoms From Loren Marti
   Was-Nah Corn and Cherry Snack
   Wild Rice Spoon Bread
   Chippewa Wild Rice