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Category: NEWYORK

   Black and White Cookies
   California Goat Cheese Crepes with Sweet Oni
   Roquefort Beignets with Apple Puree Ii (Batt
   Roquefort Beignets with Apple Puree Iii (Ass
   Bruno's Chocolate Cake - Plain
   Buche De Marrons Au Chocolat
   Chocolate Cake - Master Chefs
   Chocolate Leaves - Master Chefs
   Chocolate Mousse Flowerpot
   Fresh Cherries in Grappa
   Fresh Grapes in Grappa
   Fresh Pineapple with Rum Cream
   Frittelle De Corleone
   Honey-Almond Parfait
   Medaillons De Veau En Croute
   Quick Puff Pastry - Master Chefs
   Raspberry Honey-Almond Parfait
   Raspberry Mousse
   Raspberry Parfait
   Raspberry Sauce - Master Chefs
   Salzburger Nockerl