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   Tomato Dressing
   Jerk-Seasoned Chicken and Pepper Saute
   Burgandy Steak Sandwiches
   Canadian Bacon Pizza
   Ham and Vegetable Scrambled Eggs
   Quick and Spicy Chicken And Rice
   Easy Vinaigrette Dressing
   Honey Cheesecake
   Tex-Mex Chicken Roll
   Cheddar-Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes
   Chicken Tortilla Wraps
   Chocolate Malted Pie
   Honey-Spice Baked Apples
   Oven-Roasted Potato Wedges
   Padysaurus Pizza Pockets
   Vanilla Wafer Cookies
   Very Blueberry Cake
   Caveman Cooler
   Cream of Tomato Soup
   Dinosaur Eggs
   Egg and Tomato Scramble
   Grilled Burgers
   Lemon Cream Cupcakes
   Mexican Corn Casserole
   Lemon Tart with Berries
   Marinated Chicken Breasts with Mozzarella
   Peanut-Butter-Swirl Ice-Cream Cake
   Overnight Bread Pudding
   Speedy Rice Pudding
   Ladyfinger Pudding with Coffee Cream
   Chocolate-Espresso Pudding Cake
   South of the Border Quiche Squares
   Stuffed Turkey Breast with Dijon Sauce
   Garlic-Chive Mashed Potatoes
   Savory Turkey Meatloaf Florentine
   Scalloped Rutabaga and Apple Combo