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Category: NUT

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   Orange and Peanut Sweet Potatoes
   Green Beans Amadine
   Pecan Pie
   Pecan Pie Pastry
   Dixie Pecan Butter*
   Layered Cashew & Mushroom Loaf
   Chinese: Chinese Cashew Chicken 2
   Chinese: Chicken Chunks with Peanuts in Spicy
   Pappadeaux's Sweet Potato Pecan Pie with Bourbon Sauce
   Doree's Extravagant Almond Cake
   Bread: Machine: Hazlenut-Amaretto Loaf
   Carrot Cake with Marmalade Cream Cheese Frost
   Caramel Corn
   Nut Roast
   Bombay Cashews
   Deluxe Chocolate Marshmallow Bars (Taste of Home)
   Chili Roasted Peanuts
   Spinach Pesto Sauce
   Butterscotch Almond Cheesecake
   Mango-Pineapple-Lime Cheesecake
   Crunchy Peanut Crackers
   Double Cashew Crackers
   Walnut Rounds
   Dorothy's Mostaccioli Vegetarian Pasta with Walnuts
   Baby Potatoes Coated with Almonds
   Hot & Spicy Almonds
   Orange & Peanut Sweet Potatoes
   Banana Nut Bread 2
   Sole Almondine
   Spiced Holiday Pecans
   Green Beans with Sugared Walnuts
   Pralines 2
   Apple Crumb Squares
   Ultimate Caramel Chocolate Pecan Pie
   Country Seed Bread
   Peanutty Chicken Salad
   All Protein Bread
   Nutty Seeded Bread
   Seed Bread, Henzi's
   Sunflower-Seed Whole Wheat Bread
   Trail Mix
   Crunchy Asparagus Medley
   Cajun Spiced Pecans
   Candied Pecans or Walnuts
   Chile Roasted Pecans
   Apricot-Pecan Butter Strudel
   Pear and Pecan Cake
   Pecan and Red Onion Bread Abm
   Pecan Bourbon Cake
   Pecan Coffee Cake Abm