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Category: PARTY

   Fresh Strawberry Pie Glace
   Geri's Honey Curry Chicken Wings
   Feta Cheese & Chopped Tomato Dip
   Barbecued Fish Margarita * (Chrt57a)
   Roast Goose with Stuffing *** (Kjwt81a)
   Fondue Indienne
   Lemon Chicken Ala Betty
   Deep-Fried Lemon Chicken
   Artichokes in Dipping Sauce
   Apple Pudding Cake
   Cranberry Mist
   Saucy Cheese Spread
   Sunshine Punch
   Fruit Tacos
   Gelatin Pizza
   Tapioca Pudding - Diet
   Peanut and Caramel Apple Dip
   Pimiento Cheese Dip
   Byron's Famous Killer Cheese Dip
   Potato Pizzazz Party
   Turkey Meatball Grinders
   Granola #1
   Sinless Sour Cream Cheesecake - Diet
   Oatmeal Raisin Cookies #1 - Diet
   Angel Cake W/pineapple-Orange Sauce
   Christmas Pasta Sauce *** (Pdfx51b)
   Chicken Satay W/peanut Sauce ** Pstt97c
   C/p Turkey Meatballs - Pjxg05a
   Crockpot Turkey Meatballs
   Mini Submarine Sandwiches
   C/p Turkey Meatballs
   Sherbet and Ginger Ale Punch
   Quick & Easy Pepperoni Puffs
   Texas Brunch Torte
   Tiramisu Ala Enrico Salvini
   Bailey's Irish Cream *** (Btvc62a)
   Coffee-Making - Old Style [F&f/cwa]
   Delicious Hot Party Punch
   Grand Margarita
   Irish Cream (Btvc62a)
   Witch's Brew #1
   Cinnamon Popcorn
   Very Rich, Very Thin Chocolate Lace Cookies*J
   Scalloped Carrots