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Category: PASTRY

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   Greek Apple Pastry (Milopita)
   Scheiterhaufen (Log Pyre)
   Swabian Pockets (Maultaschen)
   Sweet Flan Pastry
   Wine Tart
   Chinese: Barbecued Pork Bun (Cha Siu Bow)
   Cinnamon Buns
   Lytle's Sugar Cream Pie
   Maids of Honour Cakes
   Apple Strudel 1
   Apple Fritters 2
   Apple Strudel 2
   Molasses or Honey Doughnuts
   Peach Fritters 1
   Easy Chocolate Eclair
   Scotch Shortbread
   Peach Fritters 2
   Basic Doughnuts
   Macadamia Pie Crust
   Mary's Pie Crust
   Asparagus Puff Ring
   Pumpkin Streusel Squares
   Frying Batter Aug 1997
   Morrison's Sweet Potato Pie
   Kentucky Derby Pie
   Summer Berry Pie
   Pizza Hut Crust
   Almost Fat Free Pie Crust
   Tarte Au Chocolat
   Cinnamon Rollups
   My Never Fail Pastry
   Rugelach with Fruit Jam
   Bird's Nests with Cheese
   Cream Cheese Burekas
   Matzo Strudel
   California Quiche
   Asparagus Cornet with Lemon Dressing
   Cattail Pastries
   Lazy or "Dump" Cobbler
   Stuffed Eggs in Puff Pastry
   Strawberry Cream Puffs with Strawberry Sauce
   Hanukkah Chocolate Chip & Candy Bagels
   Suzanne's Elephant Ears
   Sweet Blackberry Blue Corn Tamale
   Wild Raspberry Cake
   Farm-Fried Pies with Squash Filling
   Green Onion Pie
   Mushroom Pie
   Kidney Pie