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Category: PENN

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   Potato Filling (For Meats)
   Potted Meat
   Rabbit Cake (Hasen Kucka)
   Salt Pork, Beans and Hominy
   Dutch Pot Pie
   Hasen Pfeffer
   Friendship Cake - 30 Day Cake
   Funnel Cakes
   Funnel Cake
   Gold Cake (Gelb Kuchen)
   Grossmutter's Pound Cake
   Dutch Slaw
   Pepper Relish
   Pickled Pears
   Tomato Mincemeat
   Cranberry Sauce
   Lebanon County Rhubarb Jam
   Moselem Springs Apple Butter (Lotwaerick)
   Mustard Pickles
   Pickled Eggs and Red Beets
   Pickled Pigs' Feet
   Plum Conserve
   Sadye's Dill Pickles
   Spiced Pickles
   Strawberry Jam
   Peach Fritters (Parshing Ponakucka)
   Plum Pudding
   Raw Potato Pancake
   Rhubarb Pudding
   Rice Souffle
   Rye Cakes
   Sherry Egg Nog
   Shupp Noodles
   Steamed Fruit Mush (Or Duff)
   To Corn Beef
   To Cure Hams
   To Dry Beef
   To Pickle Cured Bacon
   Uncle Ezra's Egg Nog
   Noodles for Soup
   Old-Fashioned Potato Soup
   Philadelphia Pepper Pot
   Rivel Soup
   Snapper Soup
   To Make Beef Tea
   Lancaster County Lima Beans
   Lebanon County Peach Cake