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Category: SALMON

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   Salmon Steaks with Wine Sauce
   Cheesy Salmon Supper
   New Zealand Salmon in Jelly
   Salmon Oysters
   Salmon Swiftie for 4
   Lj's New Zealand Salmon in Jelly
   Nanaimo Salmon and Mushroom Kebabs
   Broiled Salmon Steak with French Dressing
   L.j's Juicy Bbq Salmon.
   Savory Salmon and Dill Cheesecake
   Salmon Cakes W/ Basil & Lime Mayo
   Tuna, Salmon, Chicken or Turkey Turnovers
   Lox with Eggs & Onions
   Mama Leah's Jewish Western Omelet
   Bubala's Lox & Potato Soup
   Cream Cheese & Nova Spread
   Pickled Salmon
   Roulle Of Salmon Trout Baked In Herb Crust With
   Medley Of Buckwheat Blinis Topped With Oysters, Smoked..
   Grilled Salmon with Lemon & Thyme
   Salmon Loaf with Horseradish Sauce
   Grilled Salmon Steaks in Sauce
   Sauteed Salmon Scallops with Greens
   Salmon with Tamarind Sauce
   Salmon with Chive & Herb Sauce
   Smoked Salmon Rolls with Oysters
   Smoked Salmon, Bacon & Cheddar Rolls
   Grilled Meli Melo of Seafood with Soy Beurre Blanc
   Fillet Mosaic with Red Pepper Sauce
   Grilled Salmon Fillets in Lettuce with Mustar
   Pesto Salmon and Sea Scallops with Lemon/garl
   Steamed King Salmon with Basil Sauce
   Salmon En Papillote
   Fish Fumet
   Smoked Salmon-And-Chive Sandwiches
   Old Fashioned Salmon Loaf
   Salmon-And-Olives Tartar
   Seafood Croquettes
   All-American Salmon Saute W/mushroom Sauce
   Herbed Roasted Salmon and Vegetables W/lemon
   Pan-Seared Salmon W/ Roasted Cumin-Coriander
   Tart De Brymlent (A Medieval Lenten Tart)
   Stuffed Fillets of Sole with Mushroom Sauce
   Salmon Loaf Ii
   Barchetta Endivia Belga E Taleggio (Endive &
   Grandma's Salmon Patties
   Scotch Salmon
   Seafood Frittata
   Pasta Con Salmone E Fontina
   Salmon Slices Baked in Cream