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Category: SCOTLAND

   Nero Wolfe's Finnan Haddie (Smoked Haddock)
   Scottish Rabbit Curry
   Singing Hinnies
   Soft Molasses Cookies
   Three-Way Shortbreads
   Traditional Scotch Broth
   Aunt Velma's Shortbread
   Cape Breton Scones
   Cape Breton Oatcakes
   Cream of Lemon Soup
   Girdle Scones
   Haggis (Mock)
   Haggis (Scotch-Canadian)
   Howtowdie - Scottish Roast Chicken
   Scottish Shortbread
   Scottish Oaten Bread
   Auld Alliance
   Stilton, Celery and Pear Soup
   Herb Crepes with Goat's Cheese Stuffing
   Scottish Cheddar Cheese Soup
   Scottish Meat Balls
   Garlic, Cheddar & Goat's Cheese Souffle
   Marmalade and Ginger Slice
   Scottish Burnt Cream - Scotland, 18th Century
   Scottish Plum Crumble
   Scottish Pride Cupcakes
   Scottish Mussel Brose
   Scottish Oat Cake