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Category: SEPT

   Artichoke Tomato Alfredo
   Fat Free Buritos
   Wild Rice and Sweet Potatoes Quick Lunch
   Rice and Lentil Salad
   Chuck's Barley-Mushroom Winter Borscht (Vegan or Lacto)
   Mushroom and Barley Soup (Shulman)
   Lentil and Corn Soup
   Fat-Free Chili Beans
   Hidden Vegetable Soup
   Lentil and Leek Risotto (Vrg)
   Portabello Stir Fry (Narad)
   Ridiculously Easy Lentil Soup
   Lentil Salad (Vrg)
   Spicy Lentil and Pepper Sauce for Pasta or Rice
   Lentil and Five Vegetable Stew
   Lentils Curried with Rhubarb and Potatoes
   Bean Lasagne
   Tofu-Noodle-Poppy Seed Casserole (Lacto)
   Scrambled Tofu for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner