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Category: SKILLET

   Creole Skillet
   Pork Chops Sweet Potatoes and Apples
   Hunan Beef the Wok
   Chicken Kapama Style
   Pan Broiled Flank Steak
   Sauteed Tenderloin Steaks with Wine Sauce
   Saltimbocca (Mf)
   Silky Veal Chops (Mf)
   Garlic Pan- Roasted Game Hens (Mf)
   Mediterranean Skillet Supper (Mf)
   Breaded Lamb Rib Chops (Mf)
   Lamb Chops with Anise (Mf)
   Loin Lamb Chops with Olives (Mf)
   Shad Roe (Mf)
   Seared Ahi Served with Floral of Asian Greens (Hl)