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Category: SYRUP

   Almond Syrup
   Currant Syrup
   Grenadine (Pomegranate Syrup)
   Helen's Lemonade Syrup
   Mint Syrup
   Old Fashioned Lemonade
   Orange Rosemary Syrup
   Raspberry Currant Syrup
   Sour Cherry Syrup
   Strawberry Balm Syrup
   Violet Syrup
   Buttered Rum and Fresh Pineapple Sauce
   Hot Cranberry Kissel
   When the Sap Begins To Stir
   Les Toquettes (Sugar on Snow)
   Maple Syrup Rum Baked Beans
   Lemonade Syrup
   Rose Water Syrup
   Lemonade Syrup (Sugarless)
   Blueberry Syrup
   Cider Syrup for Pancakes and Pies - Ynec
   Flavored Honey's