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   Nuevo Frijoles*
   Uncooked Cookies
   Special K Cookies
   $20,000 Prize-Winning Chili
   Green Chile Wontons Tspn00b
   Mexican Pork Roast Cooked in Beer W/ Green Sa
   Stuffed Chili Rellenos
   Baked Chilies Rellenos Dgsv43a
   Chocolate Chili with Pinto Beans
   Ambush Chili*
   Armadillo Eggs
   Real Texas Chili
   Backyard's Jalapeno Cheese Grits
   Southwest Chicken and Cheese
   Grilled Pork Chops with Cinnamon-Apple Relish
   Matt's Queso
   Spicy Shrimp and Avocado Salsa
   Tamal Azteca
   Cattle Kings' Ranch Hand Chicken Soup
   Stuffed Jalapenos (Massa's)
   Black Bean Casserole Ole
   Black Bean Tamales
   El Cholo's Vegetarian Enchiladas
   Enchiladas Supremas
   Pesto Tamales
   Vegan Nachos
   Veggie Enchiladas
   Burritos Rancheros
   Mel's Salsas
   Cheese Grits a la Texique
   Wednesday Chili (Wendy's)
   Spicy Brisket
   Latigo Chili
   Mouth of Hell Chili
   Pour la France's Fudge Caramel Cake - Express News
   Candy Crunch Cake
   Tex Mex Turkey Casserole
   Chili Cheese Cubes
   Tex-Mex Pizza
   Chicken Spaghetti
   Tex-Mex Style Tacos
   Tex-Mex Style Enchiladas
   Chicken Taco Salad
   Meatless Chili * Prize Winner
   Spaghetti W/ Turkey-Black Bean Chili
   Casi-Style Chili
   Texas Beef Chili
   Santa Fe Red
   Saddlebag Chili*