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   Depression Soap
   Dr. Maggie's Old-Fashioned Lye Soa
   Basic Soap
   Glycerine Soap Recipe
   Easy Oatmeal Soap
   Homeopathic Balm
   Bath Salts
   Soap I -- Pure Soap
   Soap Ii -- Mink Oil Shampoo
   Soap Iii
   Soap Iv
   Soap V--Milk
   Soap Viii -- Beeswax Castile
   Soap Ix -- Beeswax
   Soap Vi & Vii (?)
   Soap Xi -- Goat Milk Soap
   About Soapmaking
   Scenting Your Soaps
   Soapmaking Products Supplies
   Soapmaking Newsletter
   Procedures for Making Soap
   Procedures for Making Soap -- Ii
   Soapmaker's Supply List (United States)
   Basic Soap 1
   Soap Recipes
   Special Soaps
   Simple Kitchen Soap
   Boiled Hard White Soap
   Miscellaneous Soap Recipes
   Old-Fashioned Soap
   Other Soap Recipes
   White Rose Soap
   Soapmaking Instructions
   Love Light Soap
   Patchouli: The Love Soap
   Fire Light
   Sweetgrass Soap
   Bug Away Soap
   Tigress Soap
   Calendula Unscented Baby Soap
   Comfrey & Aloe Vera Soap
   Flower Fern and Moss Soap
   Garden Mint Soap
   Lavender Soap
   Lemon Verbena Soap
   Little Cherub Camomile & Lavender Baby Soap
   Rosemary Morning Soap
   Buffalo Restoration Soap
   Rosa Rugosa Pink Wild Rose Soap