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We don't claim authorship or ownership of the recipes unless specifically noted. The recipes belong to their authors. See "copyrights" below. We don't own the photos, either. The photos were originally in the public domain. Where possible we've given attribution so you can fetch a copy of the original copy rather than our edit. If you prefer our edit, though, you are welcome to it. All of the original content provided here including images, text, formatting and the presentation of this information as an assembly, is published with the intent that you do with it what you will. It is all contributed to the public domain. Share it with whomever you like. Turn a profit on it if you can. "All rights reversed." Enjoy.

Privacy Notice:

We don't want to know who you are unless you want us to send you email or something. The server keeps logs, of course, for administrative and technical reasons. For the most part the logs are deleted unread. In all the years we've been sharing these recipes we've never given out any info about anyone, and we don't intend to start. The website does not use cookies or frames.


In the region where this site is hosted it is not possible to copyright a list of ingredients such as a recipe. This limitation is quite specific and deliberate, and it's one of the reasons we chose to share this content rather than some other. It is possible to protect a "substantial literary expression" in the directions or explanation. Where it's possible we have tried to eliminate anything that might infringe on someone's copyright, but if you feel your work is listed unfairly let us know and we'll take it down while we investigate. Please remember that under copyright only the "particular manner of expression" is protected, not names, methods, titles or phrases, so if you do this the recipe is likely to come right back online with directions of original composition and no attribution.


Where trademarked brands are referenced in the title of the recipe, that indicates only that specific brand should be used as an ingredient, or the recipe is a tribute to a familiar favorite. It is not intended to suggest that the recipe is the actual recipe for that brand of product, nor is it intended that the recipe represents something substantially similar. We don't have the actual recipes for your favorite brands.


The css is adapted from "glassy.html" examples by Eric A Meyer. The background photos of a strawberry are adapted from the US Department of Agriculture Agriculture Research Service. The original photo is in the public domain, as are nearly all publications of the US government.

One last thing...

Some of the recipes here are for things that are not food. For example you will find recipes for soap, astringent and even silver cleaner. There is a category for humor. Among the recipes that are food are some which are historical anomalies, some intented to be humor but which are not in that category, and even a few that are tasteless in the social rather than culinary sense. We haven't read them all. To the best of our knowledge there is nothing of an adult or violent nature here, but you should use some common sense. If you're easily offended, don't browse here. Don't try an unfamiliar recipe without some thought to whether it might be harmful or icky. Don't blame us if it doesn't turn out well. We expressly deny any responsibility for what you do with this information, and access to this site is restricted to those who agree to those terms.