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Title: Jerk Chicken 1
Categories: Entree Chicken Grill Regional
Yield: 4 Servings

1tbGround allspice
1tbDried thyme
1 1/2tsCayenne pepper
1 1/2tsBlack pepper
1 1/2tsGround sage
3/4tsGrated nutmeg
2tbGarlic powder
1/4cSoya sauce
1/2cOrange juice
1/4cOlive oil
1cMinced onion
3 Green onions
4 Chicken breasts, halves

In large glass or ceramic bowl combine allspice, thyme, cayenne pepper, black pepper, sage, nutmeg, cinnamon, salt, garlic powder and sugar. Slowly whisk in soy sauce, vinegar, orange juice. In slow stream whisk in olive oil. Add onion and green onion. Combine well. Add chicken and allow to marinate 1 hour at room temperature or over night, covered in refrigerator. If using outdoor grill toss 1 or 2 bay leaves on coals. Grill chicken 6 min. each side. Chicken may also be broiled indoors 5-6 min. each side. Either way, brush well with marinate while cooking. For hotter flavour, double amounts of first 7 ingredients.