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Title: Cajun Duck with Wild Rice
Categories: Duck Entree Regional
Yield: 1 Servings

2 Water, gallons
3/4tbGarlic, granulated
1/2tbAllspice, whole
1/4tsOnion powder
1/8tsPepper, white
1/8tsGumbo file
2 1/2cCelery, chopped
1 1/2cCarrots, chopped
1cRed peppers, chopped
1cOil * ------thickening roux------
3/4cChicken soup base
1cRice, white, uncooked
1 Duck
1 1/2tbSeasoning salt --------spice mix----------
1/4tsGarlic, granulated
1tbCaraway seeds
3 Bay leaves
1/8tsPepper, black --------vegetables---------
2cOnion, chopped
1cGreen peppers, chopped --------cajun roux---------
1/4lbButter, unsalted ----------gumbo------------
1/2cRice, wild, uncooked

* combine duck fat and lard Discard giblets from duck. The day before, prepare stock by bringing all ingredients to boil and simmer for 3 hours. Strain, reserve stock, and refrigerate overnight. Remove fat from stock and reserve for cajun roux. Bone duck and cut meat into chunks. Combine spice mix ingredients and set aside. Add water to stock to make 1-3/4 gallons. Add all but 1 cup of vegetables to stock and bring to boil. Make cajun roux by heating ingredients until the color of peanut butter. Add reserved vegetables and 1/2 T. of spice mix to Cajun roux. Add Cajun roux plus remaining spice mix to boiling stock. Add soup base and wild rice to stock and simmer 15 minutes. Add white rice to soup and simmer 10 minutes. When rice is half done, add thickening roux (combine first and heat until mixed) and cook 10 minutes. Remove from heat and discard bayleaves. Add meat and green onions to garnish. Makes 1-1/2 gallons.