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Title: Baked Ducks in Sweet & Sour Sauce
Categories: Sauce Game Citrus Main
Yield: 4 Servings

2 Wild ducks
1 Orange [sliced]
1 Apple [sliced]
2tbBrown sugar
1/4cWorchestershire sauce
2tbLemon juice
1/2cOnion [grated]
1/4cWhite vinegar

Rinse ducks and pat dry. Fill duck's cavities with the sliced fruit. rub them with the oil and place them in a baking dish. . . 2) Combine the remaining ingredients in a bowl mixing well and spoon over the ducks. . . 3) Bake, tighly sealed with foil, in a 325 oven for 2 hours or `til tender, then bake uncovered `til browned. . .

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Recipe by: Bill Saiff's Rod and Reel Cookbook/Fred Goslin,Cyberealm