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Title: Roast Duck
Categories: Game
Yield: 1 Servings

4 Ducks; ready to cook
1 Clove garlic; split
  Salt and pepper
2smCooking apples; quartered
2mdOnions; quartered
4 Celery stalk tops
1/2 Stick butter; melted

Rub duck skin with garlic and sprinkle the birds inside and out with salt and pepper. Fill cavities with the apples, onions and celery tops. Cover breasts with bacon slices. Place birds, beast sides up, in roasting pan and roast at 400 degrees until done. This varies from as short as 20 minutes for rare up to an hour . Baste every 15 minutes with the butter. Remove cavity contents and serve with sauce as desired, but do not prepare sauce from pan drippings. Supposedly, the cavity filling absorbs the "wild" taste and most folks don't like that.

NOTES : This is an old standard recipe for roast wild duck. Can be varied to suit the cook's whim. Posted to MM-Recipes Digest V4 #4 by and To: boxes, and you MUST already have established a connection with on Sep 18, 1997

Recipe by: Clyde McAuliffe