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Title: Caribou Sausage #1
Categories: Game Makemeat
Yield: 1 Batch

5lbPork; fresh
1ozPepper; black
3/4ozGinger; ground
1 1/4ozNutmeg; ground
1/2ozAllspice; ground
1/2ozCoriander; ground
2tsGarlic powder
1tbLiquid smoke; opt'l
  Sausage casings

Grind together the two meats and mix thoroughly. Add the water. Mix the spices thoroughly and mix well into meat mixture. If sausage is to be smoked, omit the liquid smoke.

You may stuff sausage into casings, making 6-8" links and smoke them.

OR make into patties for freezing.

Or boil them: Using a sausage stuffer, fill casings about 3/4 full to allow for swelling. Tie the ends with string; put into a large kettle of cold water and bring to a boil. Cook for about 1 hour, being sure to prick each sausage with a fork after boiling 10 minutes. Drain and cool.

They can also be canned after boiling. By on