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Title: Melon Fresco
Categories: Beverages Fruit Costarica
Yield: 4 Servings

1 Canteloupe melon
1/2c-Cold water
2tbLime juice
1tbSugar, instant dissolving; fruit/berry sugar -OR- icing suga

If using fruits with seeds, remove the seeds first; other fruits may be combined in the blender, poured over ice and enjoyed. Some of the most delicious frescos are made with mulberry, soursop, papaya and starfruit, but they can also be made with peaches or strawberries - or with home grown canteloupe. After pureeing, you can adjust the sweetness to taste.

Peel and seed melon, chop coarsely. In blender, puree melon, water, lime juice and sugar until frothy and smooth. Divide among 4 glasses, adding ice if desired. Serve immediately.

SERVES: 4 SOURCE: Canadian Living, September 1993.