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Title: Cheese Boxes
Categories: Appetizer Cheese Regional
Yield: 1 Batch

  US Measurements
1/2lbCreamy store cheese
1 Egg white, unbeaten
  UK Measurements
225gMild cream cheese
15mlSingle cream
1 Egg white, unbeaten

Slice cheese and butter and allow to stand in a warm place until it can be creamed. Then add unbeaten egg white and cream. Chill until the paste can be easily spread.

Cut 1 1/4-inch cubes from a loaf of bread (no crust). Spread five sides of each cube with cheese mixture. Set in cool place until ready to brown in a hot oven. Serve at once on toothpicks as canapes.

These may be made larger and served with fruit salad.

Comments: "Store Cheese" is an old New England term dating back to the days when nearly every rural family had a cow or two for household milk and butter needs. Soft-curd cheeses, like farmer's cheese and cottage cheese, were made at home. Semi-soft and hard cheeses, like cream cheese and cheddar, were made by dairies and sold in stores. "Creamy store cheese" nearly always refers to cream cheese, but I've made this recipe with some nice mellow Brie and it's turned out delicious. - DS

Mrs. Jean M. Cook, Out of Vermont Kitchens (1939) MM format, UK equivalents, and comments by Dave Sacerdote