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Title: Hare Iliamna - Llbgfcb
Categories: Entree Game Regional
Yield: 10 Servings

10lbHare (winter phase)
  Salt & pepper
4tbLard or oil
4 Onions
6 Potatoes
8 Carrots
1qtFresh Alaskan low-bush cranberries; picked after first frost
1 Apple
1 Orange; unpeeled

* the northern hare of the Alaska peninsula (Lepus timidus) are big animals (7 to 10 pounds plus), but do not usually weigh as much as the Arctic hare (Lepus arcticus) of Greenland, Ellesmere, and the Northern Baffin Islands. The latter may weigh up to 15 pounds. Our Lepus timidus is the same species as the blue hare of the Scottish Highlands and Scandinavia.

This recipe would produce a fine dish if 2 snowshoe rabbits were substituted for the Northern hare.

Cut hare into 1/2-pound serving pieces. Soak 24 hours in lightly vinegared water. Wipe dry. Salt and pepper the pieces, roll them in flour and brown in fat or oil in a Dutch oven, then bake at 350 F degrees, covered, until tender.

Add vegetables when meat is half done (perhaps after 45 minutes to an hour). Remove to platter and prepare gravy from drippings.

To make sauce, grind cranberries, pineapple, apple, and orange together. Sweeten to taste. Serve on the side.

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