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Title: Glycerine Soap Recipe
Categories: Soap Gift
Yield: 1 Recipe

1/4cDistilled water
1/3c(4 oz) liquid glycerine
1cSoap flakes

soap flakes: shredded regular unscented soap or boxed flakes scent

Mix and bring to a boil, pour in molds, skim off the foam from the bar after 24 hours...I have made this before with 2 ts. rubbing alcohol also, it was transpparent then, now this last bach I left out the alcohol and scented it heavily with a perfume oil and also colored it violet. It turned out to be a pearly violet color, I have to let it sit 24 hours to know if it will be trnasparent.

Source: AOL from PLMCEACHIN, soapmaking forum