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Title: Easy Oatmeal Soap
Categories: Soap Gift
Yield: 1 Recipe

24ozOlive oil
24ozCoconut oil
38ozCrisco (veg. shortening)
8ozPowdered oatmeal

Take your lye and put into a 2-cup container. Put 32 oz. cold water into the container. Mix very carefully. Next take the coconut oil and the crisco and put them in a metal kettle or stainless steel pot. Melt over a low heat. As soon as they are melted remove from heat and stir in the olive oil. Now is the fun part, to get both mixtures to 95-98 degrees at the same time. When they are bath at that temperature, combine them. Now is the time to add your oatmeal. Put into your well greased molds, cover and wrap in blankets for 18 hours. Remove blankets and allow it to sit uncovered for about 8-12 hours. Now you can cut it or whatever. Now you let it cure.

Source: AOL soapmaking forum, posted by RSheln9675 (Regina)