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Title: Homeopathic Balm
Categories: Soap Gift
Yield: 1 Recipe

1/4cDistilled water, minus 1 T.
1tbVitamin E oil
1 1/2tsCalendula extract
1 1/2tsHypericum liquid
1/8tsBorax powder
1/2cMineral oil
1tsCoconut oil
5tbGrated beeswax
15drFragrance oil (?)

Boil water and add calendula extract hypericum liquid, and borax powder, stirring until dissolved. In a separate heavy saucepan over low heat, add mineral oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, and beeswax and stir until wax has dissolved. Pour oil/beeswax mixture into a bowl and SLOWLY add the heated water/borax mixture while stirring with a wire whisk. Continue stirring until the mixture becomes a thick cream and has cooled to room temp. (about 10 min.) Spoon into a wide-mouth jar and close.

Source: posted on AOL by PLMCEACHIN