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Title: Cream Cheese & Nova Spread
Categories: Fish Jewish Appetizer Salmon
Yield: 1 Servings

1lbCream cheese
1/4lbNova Scotia smoked salmon or lox

In mixing bowl, place cream cheese & leave at room temp until soft. Dice Nova or lox into very sm pieces. Blend w/electric mixer until well mixed & fluffy. Refrigerate & serve cold as spread. you may dress this up by shaping it in a pretty mold. Line small mold w/plastic wrap, pack cream cheese mixture into mold on top of plastic wrap. Cover w/plastic wrap & refrigerate overnight. To serve, invert mold, w/top unwrapped, onto serving plate. Remove mold & carefully peel away plastic wrap. Serve w/cocktail-size rounds of pumpernickel & rye bread or mini bagels, if available. Or have w/regular toasted bagels for brunch. Makes 8-10

ADVICE FROM MAMA: You can add some finely chopped scallions &/or a little snipped fresh dill to gussy this up for a fancy cocktail party. NOTE: Here's a really easy recipe that can change an ordinary breakfast of coffee & bagels into a special brunch. I prefer more delicate flavor of Nova Scotia smoked salmon for this dish, but many people like more assertive taste of lox. You decide for yourself.

Recipe: Mama Leah's Jewish Kitchen, A Compendium Of More Than 225 Tasty Recipes -- Kugel To Kasha -- Blintzes To Borscht -- by Leah Loeb Fischer w/Maria Poluskin Robbins. Copyrighted 1990 Published by MacMillan Publishing Company. DPilleggi