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Title: Soapmaker's Supply List (United States)
Categories: Soap Info
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BARKER'S ENTERPRISES, INC. 15106 10th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98166 Phone: 206-244-1870 retail/wholesale: waxes, molds and candle dye (which works for soap)

CHEM LAB SUPPLIES 1060 Ortega Way, Unit c Placentia CA 92670 Phone: 714-630-7902 Fax: 714-630-3553 retail: pH kits, electronic scales, lye

HAGENOW LABORATORIES, INC. 1302 Washington St. Manitowoc WI 54220 No phone, correspond by mail and request catalog lye, waxes, clays, essential oils, thermometers and pH kits

LIBERTY NATURAL PRODUCTS 8120 SE Stark St. Portland OR 97215 1-800-289-8427 $50 minimum order retail/wholesale same price essentail oils, soapmaking fats, herbs, clays, etc.

POURETTE SOAPMAKING SUPPLIES 4518 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle WA 98115 Phone: 1-800-888-WICK(9425) retail/wholesale molds, wax (request *soapmaking* price list as it's different than their regular catalogue, which contains candle molds) Their dye once worked great in soap and is recommened in the "Soap Recipe" book. Pourette changed the dye and what they sell now DOESN'T WORK!--DON'T BUY IT!

LORANN OILS 4518 Aurelius Rd. Lansing MI 48909 Phone 1-800-248-1302 retail wholesale: essential oils, fats, candy molds, waxes. The powdered food coloring these folks recommend for soap doesn't work. Don't buy it.

SUNFEATHER SOAPMAKING SUPPLY HCR 84 Box 60-A Potsdam NY 13676 Phone 315-265-3648 retail only: lye, fats, soap fragrance, soap color