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Title: Tasmanian Ocean Trout With Dill Mayonnaise
Categories: Fish Entree Chef Trout
Yield: 4 Servings

  Ocean trout fillets
  Fish stock:
  Trout skin, bones and head
  Little chopped onion
  Little chopped celery
  Herbs of your choice
  Mayonnaise dill, finely

Fillet the ocean trout. Make up a fish stock using fish head, skin and bones, chopped onion and celery and herbs of your choice. Strain stock and discard solids. Bring remaining liquid to boil, then pour it over trout fillet portions. Allow them to rest on the corner of the stove for about seven minutes.

To serve: place fillets on a mayonnaise that has been slightly diluted with the reduced fish stock. Add chopped dill to taste. Bon Appetit-Exec.Chef Magnus Johansson