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Title: Salmon with Chive & Herb Sauce
Categories: Fish Salmon
Yield: 4 Servings

1cChicken broth
2tsTarragon, fresh; minced
2tsThyme, fresh; minced
4 Salmon steak; 1" thick, 6 oz
1 Garlic clove; minced or pressed
3tbChives; thinly sliced
  Salt & pepper
  Lemon wedges

In a 10-12 inch frying pan over high heat, bring broth, tarragon, and thyme to a boil. Lay salmon in pan and reduce heat to simmering; cover pan. Cook until fish is opaque but still moist-looking in thickest part (cut to test), about 10-15 minutes. LIft steaks onto a platter; cover and keep warm.

Add garlic to pan; boil on high heat, uncovered, until liquid is reduced to 1/2 cup, 3-4 minutes. Mix the cornstarch with 2 Tbsp of water and stir into pan; stir until boiling. Mix in chives and pour sauce over the salmon. Season servings individually with salt, pepper and juice from the lemon wedges.