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Title: Mozzarella Parmigiana
Categories: Appetizer Cheese
Yield: 6 Servings

3 Eggs beaten
1cItalian style bread crumbs
16ozPkg. mozzarella cheese, cut into 8 slices, lengthwise
4ozMozzarella cheese, shredded
3tbGrated Parmesan cheese
2cSpaghetti sauce

Coat cheese slices in flour, dip in egg and bread crumbs then in egg and bread crumbs again. Fry in hot oil until browned a minute or two on each side.

Spray baking dish with nonstick cooking spray. Spoon small amount of spaghetti sauce on bottom of baking dish, put layer of fried Mozzarella cheese in baking dish. Sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese and shredded Mozzarella cheese. Top with the rest of the sauce and bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes. Serve immediately.

From: The Sentinel Newspapers 11/83 Shared By: Pat Stockett