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Title: Mandarin Cornish Hens
Categories: Poultry Chinese
Yield: 4 Servings

2 (3 Lb.) Cornish Hens
2tbFrozen Orange Juice,
  Thawed & Undiluted
1tsFines Herbes
1/2tsChicken Bouillon Granules
2tsReduced Sodium Soy Sauce

Remove Giblets From Hens & Discard; Rinse Hens. Split Hens Lengthwiseusing Poultry Shears. Place in A 13 X 9 X 2 Inch Glass Baking Pan. Combine Water, Orange Juice, Herbs, Bouillon Granules & Soy Sauce in A Small Saucepan. Bring To A Boil, Reduce Heat & Simmer 10 Min. Pourover Hens. Cover & Chill About 8 Hours. Remove Hens From Orange Juice Marinade, Reserving Marinade. Grill Over Medium Coals 15 Min. On Each Side OR Until Done, Basting Frequently With Reserved Marinade. Serve With Grilled Vegetable Kabobs & Carrot Vichyssoise (Fat 2.8. Chol. 48.)