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Title: Mint-Vinegar Toner
Categories: Astringent *
Yield: 8 Ounces

1tbDried mint leaves -OR-
3tbFresh mint leaves
2tbApple cider vinegar
1cDistilled water

Vinegar can be used in the bath, as a hair rinse, and as a skin toner. It helps restore acidity to the skin, keeping it toned and resistant to infection. All skin types benefit form using vinegar - it helps to control blackheads in oily skin and cures flakiness in very dry skin. Always remember to dilute the vinegar with water when using it on the skin and hair (a good rule of thumb is eight times as much water as vinegar). White vinegar also works well in this recipe.

Mix all of the ingredients together. Stir thoroughly and allow to sit for 3 days. Strain or filter out all of the mint leaves. Pour the toner into a clean bottle with a lid.

Apply to your face with a clean cotton ball.

Source: "Natural Beauty at Home" by Janice Cox