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Title: Polish Kielbasa
Categories: Pork Beef Veal Poland
Yield: 5 Pounds

6 Ft 2-1/2" diameter hog casings
3lbLean pork butt, cubed
1lbLean beef chuck, cubed
1/2lbVeal, cubed
1/2lbPork fat, cubed
2 1/2tsSalt, or to taste
3tsFinely ground black pepper
2tsGround marjoram
2tsGround summer savory
1/2tsGround allspice
3 Cloves garlic, finely minced
2tbSweet paprika

1. Prepare the casings. 2. Grind the meats and fat together through the coarse disk. 3. Mix the remaining ingredients with the meat. 4. Stuff the casings and leave the sausage in long links. Lengths of eighteen inches to two feet are traditional. 5. Allow the sausage to dry in a cool place for three or four hours or refrigerate for twenty-four hours uncovered. 6. Cook by roasting in a 425~ F. oven for forty-five minutes. These sausages are also excellent grilled over a charcoal fire and eaten in a Kaiser roll, lathered with a spicy brown mustard.