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Title: Russian Meat Balls (Bitochki)
Categories: Ground Russian Veal Beef
Yield: 6 Servings

1lbGround beef
1lbGround veal
1/2cChopped onion
1/4cRendered kidney fat
2slBreak, soaked in milk, squeezed dry
  Ground pepper
  Fine bread crumbs
  Butter or beef fat
2cSour cream
1/2lbSliced mushrooms, sauted

Cook onion in rendered kidney fat until wilted. Mix beef, veal, onion, bread, salt and little pepper. Knead well and chill. Wet hands and form mixture into balls the size of gold balls. Roll in crumbs and fry in butter or beef fat until brown all over. Remove and keep warm. Add sour cream and mushrooms to pan. Heat. Pour sauce over meat.