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Title: Sauerbraten Meatballs
Categories: Beef German
Yield: 4 Servings

1lbGround Beef, Lean
1/4cBread Crumbs, Dry
1/8tsCloves, Ground
1/8tsAllspice, Ground
  Pepper To Taste
2tbVegetable Oil
3/4tsGinger, Ground
1 Bay Leaf
4tbBrown Sugar
2tbUnbleached Flour

Mix beef, milk, crumbs, cloves, allspice, salt and pepper. Form into meatballs. Brown meatballs in hot oil. Drain off fat. Add 1 cup water, vinegar, ginger, bay leaf, and brown sugar. Cover and simmer 1/2 hour. Skim off fat. Remove meatballs and keep them warm. Mix flour and 2 T water. Slowly stir into the pan juices to make gravy. Pour gravy over meatballs. Serve with buttered noodles.