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Title word: Salmon

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   Salmon Steaks in Herb Blankets
   Cold Poached Salmon
   Salmon in Dill & Lemon Sauce
   Asparagus Salmon Pie
   Salmon Pasta Salad
   Pasta with Smoked Salmon and Golden Caviar
   Salmon Coulibiac
   Ukha (Clear Salmon Soup)
   Cold Glazed Salmon
   Creamy Smoked Salmon and Dill Tart
   Deluxe Salmon Spread
   Piquant Salmon Rolls
   Red Sockeye Salmon Special
   Salmon Balls
   Salmon Ball
   Salmon Cheese Ball
   Salmon Dip
   Salmon Dip, Ball
   Salmon Log - Tom Adams
   Salmon Pate #1
   Salmon Pate #2
   Salmon Rollups
   Salmon with Leek Foudue
   Savoury Salmon Bread Cases
   Smoked Salmon Spread
   Smoked Salmon Quesadillas
   Smoked Salmon Canapes
   Smoky Salmon
   Gilled Salmon
   Salmon Steaks with Cucumber Dill Sauce
   Salmon for Supper
   Salmon Steaks
   Quebec Poached Salmon
   Cipate Au Salmon (Layered Salmon Pie)
   Cipate Au Salmon (Layered Salmon Pie)
   Tourtiere a la Ouananiche (Lac St-Jean Salmon Pie)
   Microwave Salmon Ring
   Pot Au Feu of Salmon
   Succulent Salmon (C) 1992 George Gilder
   Broiled Salmon Teriyaki
   Baked Salmon with Caper Sauce
   Herbed Salmon in Foil
   Poached Salmon
   Salmon Steaks with Raspberry Mirepoix
   Salmon Buried in Potatoes
   Salmon in Red Wine with Apricots
   Salmon Pate
   Salmon W/ Cabbage, Chestnuts & Bacon
   Salmon with 2 Purees
   Salmon with Fines Herbes Stuffing