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Title word: Spicy

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   Spicy Hot Cocoa
   Spicy Corn & Black Bean Relish
   Spicy Cabbage Casserole
   Spicy Delta Salad
   Spicy Citrus Dressing
   Spicy Bread
   Spicy Cheese-Stuffed Shells
   Spicy Country Pasta and Cheese
   Spicy Eggs (Baid Masluq Bi-L-A'schab)
   Spicy Grilled Steak (Shawayuh)
   Spicy Italian Patties
   Spicy Lentil Stew (Yemiser W'et)
   Spicy Mixed Vegetable Stew (Yetakelt W'et)
   Spicy Squid in Wine, Cyprus Style
   Sweet and Spicy German-Style Mustard
   Cavatelli with Spicy Tomato-Sausage Sauce
   Kefallinian Spicy Meat Pie
   Hot 'n Spicy Artichoke Shrimp Dip
   Smooth and Spicy Boursin Cheese Dip
   Spicy Artichoke Dip
   Spicy Beef Lettuce Cups
   Spicy Dip for Vegetables
   Spicy Jalapeno Spread
   Spicy Orange Nuts
   Spicy Peanut Yogurt Dip
   Spicy Rice Balls
   Spicy Apricot Oat Muffins
   Spicy Corn Bread
   Chicken in Spicy Brown Sauce
   Ginger Spicy Chicken
   Grilled Corn with Spicy Butters
   Hot & Spicy Chicken Quesadillas
   Hot 'n Spicy Chicken Soft Tacos
   Assam Spicy Shrimp
   Broiled Spicy Shark
   Chicken Breasts with Spicy Rub
   Spicy Szechwan Sauteed Chicken
   Spicy Thai Noodles
   Thai Spicy Noodles
   Hot and Spicy Shrimp
   Spicy Rice and Vegetables
   Spicy Applesauce Bread
   Spicy Tomato Sipper
   Spicy Hot Black Beans & Tomatoes
   Chicken with Spicy Fruit Sauce
   Spicy Roast Beef
   Spicy Thai Meatballs with Crispy Noodles
   Spicy Mu Shu Beef Roll-Ups
   Oriental Spicy Orange Beef
   Spicy Shrimp