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Title word: Trout

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   Baked Stuffed Trout
   Trout Baked in Wine (Irish)
   Brithyll a Chig Moch - Trout and Bacon - Welsh
   Smoked Trout Tartlets
   Trout Sauteed in Butter
   Trout Served Cold in Aspic
   Trout and Vegetables in Foil
   Filleted Trout with Macadamia Nuts and Fried Capers
   Spring Trout and Fiddlehead
   Trout Crepes
   Trout Stuffed Japanese Style
   Fried Lake Trout
   Trout in Wine (Nz)
   Baked Trout with Yoghurt and Herbs
   Kennet Fried Trout
   Creamy Trout Mousse
   Scalloped Salmon or Trout
   Little Parcels of Trout
   Smoked Trout with Watercress Sauce
   Hollandaise Sauce for Trout
   Blender Hollandaise Sauce for Trout
   Trout in Wine
   Potato-Cream Soup with Smoked Trout
   Pan Fried Brown Trout
   Pan Fried Trout
   Tasty Baked Trout
   Trout or Bass in Beer Sauce
   Trout & Bacon (Welsh)
   Grilled Rainbow Trout with Mushroom Stuffing
   Grilled Trout
   Trout Amandine
   Sauteed Trout W/bacon & Chives "Lemonette"
   Smoked Trout Mousse ( Feb, 1997)
   Red Lobster Trout Vera Cruz
   Griddled Trout with Herbs
   Italian Trout
   Trout in Foil
   Potato Salad a la Trout
   Trout with Cream and Honey Sauce (Irish)
   Vegetable-Stuffed Trout
   Trout with Roasted Pecans a la Commander's Palace
   Trout Marguery
   Trout Sauteed in Walnut Oil
   Roasted Trout with Bacon
   Trout with Mustard Sauce
   Trout Baked in Wine
   Smoked Trout with Gribiche Horseradish Sauce
   Brook Trout with Ginger Stuffing
   Rainbow Trout With Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise