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Category: PERSIAN

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   Persian Chicken Polo
   Persian Grated Apples
   Crusty Persian Rice with Cinnamon and Pistachios
   Fesenjam (Pomegranate-Walnut Chicken)
   Sour Cherry Syrup
   Besan Barfee
   Polo Havidge Loobia (Rice Pilau with Carrot and Red Kidne
   Prevention's Grilled Kibbe (Meatball Kabob)
   Persian Noodle Soup
   Aash Rechte (Winter Noodle Soup)
   Abe Gusht Gondhi Nochodi (Veal & Chick-Pea Du
   Adas Polo (Lentil Pilau)
   Adasee (Lentil Stew)
   Advieh (Persian Spice Mixture)
   Albaloo Polo (Cherry Pilau with Chicken)
   Baademjan Torshi (Eggplant Pickle)
   Badam Soukhte (Burnt Almonds)
   Boranee (Spinach & Egg Fry)
   Boranee Ba Mast (Spinach & Yoghurt Salad)
   Chelo (Basic Persian Rice)
   Deezee (Meat Roast in a Clay Pot)
   Dolme (Stuffed Vegetables with Pomegranate)
   Dolme (Stuffed Vegetables, Persian Style)
   Dolme Kadoo (Stuffed Pumpkin)
   Dolme Kadoo Halvoee (Stuffed Pumpkin for Sabb
   Dolme Kadoo Sabzi Halvoee (Pumpkin Stuffed wi
   Fesenjan I (Meat Ball in Pomegranate & Walnut
   Fesenjan Ii (Chicken in Pomegranate, Walnut,
   Gondhi Berenji (Ground Meat, Rice, & Herbs)
   Haleem (Lamb & Whole-Wheat Gruel)
   Halek (Fruit & Nut Mix for Passover)
   Halwa Bereng (Rice Flour Custard)
   Halwa Chosk (Toasted & Crumbled Sweet)
   Halwa Ord Tar (Taralva) (Toasted Custard)
   Havige Polo Chorma (Carrot Pilau with Dates)
   Istambulee Polo (Turkish Rice with Tomato)
   Jeger E Joojeh Gelie Tochm (Chicken-Liver Sau
   Joojeh Anor (Chicken Stuffed with Pomegranate
   Joojeh Baadem Jan (Chicken Stew with Green Be
   Kebab Digi (Pan Kebabs)
   Khoreke Maghz (Veal Brain & Potato Saute)
   Khoreke Zabon (Tongue & Potato Fry)
   Khoresht Bamieh (Beef & Okra Saute)
   Khoresht Bamieh Lape (Meat, Okra, & Split-Pea
   Khoresht Bay (Beef & Quince Stew with Pomegra
   Khoresht Chogondar (Beet, Beef, & Fruit Stew)
   Khoresht Garch (Veal & Mushroom Stew)
   Khoresht Gremeh Lape (Tomato & Split-Peas Ste
   Khoresht Karafs (Beef & Celery Stew)